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Is Alexa all up in your business?
Oh, the joys of having voice-activated technology. Do your voice-activated devices ever activate when you don’t want them to?

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11 hours ago
With the shit some individuals have spewed about this awful attack, #apologies are necessary, big time.

Let’s see who’s adult enough to admit they were acting like an a$$hole!

#PelosiBodyCamFOOTAGE #GOP #StopTheHateNow #stoptheattacks
11 hours ago
Let’s talk about responsible gun ownership.
It’s maddening how careless this was! This could have been 100% preventable.

“You don’t want to leave a loaded weapon in your vehicle that’s out in the open,”

#gunshot #GunSenseNow #NRA #DogsBehavingVeryBadly
15 hours ago
You’ve got far more issues than you think if you get pissed off for the color of candy or a band-aid!

#GetALife #EnoughlsEnough #StopTheHateNow #Woke
TLSLiveShow photo
Barron Jones @JonesBarron
Imagine taking offense to a bandage that someone else wants to put on their own body.

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Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
Truth, Lies, Shenanigans6 hours ago
Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
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Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
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Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
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McWhat?? 😂🥺😂🥺