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on Facebook, Twitter, and YoutTube! Yesterday’s Million MAGA MARCH in D.C.; the GOP is putting the Kibosh on Trump’s dubious scheme to flip state electors and Denmark’s plans to cull up to 17 million mink. http://TLSshow.com

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Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
Truth, Lies, Shenanigans was live.15 hours ago
Councilmember Kate Kennedy. Plus, Failing Banks, Resurging Vinyl Records, & Farming Octopi

Today we have a very special guest on Truth, Lies, Shenanigans… Councilmember Kate Kennedy. As most of our audience is aware, my wonderful city of College Park, MD was shocked and appalled when a frequent guest on this show the Mayor of College Park was arrested for 56 counts of child pornography. For the most part, our City Council has been quiet on the matter, but today we have College Park Councilmember Kate Kennedy sharing her thoughts publicly for the first time… we’ll also talk about her career… her plans for the city going forward… and… she just might have a big announcement!

Plus, we’re talking about the safety of your money in banks right now, the resurgence of vinyl records, and the uproar over farming octopi.
Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
Truth, Lies, Shenanigans4 days ago
Tune in for this Sunday's show featuring Kate Kennedy , a distinguished member of District One in College Park, MD! Kate is announcing her run for the vacant seat left by the recently arrested Mayor of College Park MD. From community initiatives to local government insights, Kate shares her experiences and expertise on our show. Don't miss out on this! Join us, same time at 7PM ET!
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Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
Truth, Lies, Shenanigans5 days ago
Get ready for a cartel-lizing episode! To listen to the most recent episode, go visit www.podznetwork.com.

Be sure to grab TLS Guest Host Dr. Rochelle Thompson's new book 'Overcoming Imposter Syndrome' https://amzn.to/3JBhCiN

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Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
Truth, Lies, Shenanigans
Truth, Lies, Shenanigans was live.1 week ago
Chris Rock vs. Will Smith, Round 2. Plus, Shanteari Weems, Americans Killed in Mexico, and Gene Editing.

Dr. Rochelle Thompson is back guest hosting with us! Be sure to grab her new book 'Overcoming Imposter Syndrome' https://amzn.to/3JBhCiN

Today we're talking about Chris Rock's Netflix Special 'Selective Outrage and how Will Smith feels about it.

Plus, a daycare owner, Shanteari Weems, who shot her husband for molesting children in her daycare gets four years, two Americans were killed in Mexico while trying to get a tummy tuck, and the ethics of Gene Editing have come into question.
Truth, Lies, Shenanigans

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BlackFacts.com @blackfacts
https://t.co/Lxjp142Z8X - March 20
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1 hour ago
"The Democrats know they won't be able to beat our ideas at the ballot box in 2024 so think this is their only hope."
@laurenboebert what ideas? You've all done NOTHING but bi*ch about democrats. THAT IS ALL! So please, share these bright ideas you have.
#GOPLiesAboutEverything https://t.co/M4xjyqCqCU
14 hours ago
"The plan will backfire as Trump becomes the next Mandela."

How much is he being paid to spew this shite? https://t.co/45tbLSoZ1v

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